Lỗi an error occurred while internet connection sharing was being enabled

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Press the Apply button and click OK.

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2. Check that all required services for internet Connection Sharing are enabled

Now you’ve opened the Services window, check that a few other services are enabled. In fact, there are nine services required for ICS lớn work. These are the services that should be switched on:

Plug and PlayApplication Layer Gateway ServiceRemote Procedure call (RPC)Network ConnectionsNetwork Location Awareness (NLA)TelephonyRemote Access Connection ManagerRemote Access auto Connection ManagerWindows Firewall

Once that is done, follow these steps:

Double-click those features listed in the Services window.Switch their Startup type lớn Automatic if they’re configured to Disabled.Then restart Windows before you enable ICS again.

3. Close Anti-Virus Software

Press the Win key + X hotkey & select Task Manager from the menu.You can also right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager.Then click the Processes tab, and select your anti-virus software.Press the over task button lớn close it.Alternatively, you can usually temporarily disable anti-virus software with its system tray context menu options.You can right-click the software’s system tray icon to mở cửa its context menu.Select a setting on the context menu that disables the anti-virus software.

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Although Windows Firefox has to lớn be running, other anti-virus software might be blocking the access point connection needed for ICS. Some anti-virus software, such as BitDefender, might even have a Block internet Connection Sharing option.

By following these steps, you should be able khổng lồ easily fix any internet connection sharing errors that you might encounter in Windows 10.

Let us know which of these solutions fix your internet connectivity issues by leaving us a message in the comments section below.