đánh giá samsung s6 edge plus

Update: Less than a month after launch Samsung has dropped the price of the S6 Edge+ lớn less than £600/$600(or around £40 per month). That’s a significant price drop & makes it a far more attractive sầu proposition for those wanting a large-screened phone, or phablet.

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What is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung has made a bold statement with its Galaxy S6 range of smartphones. Plastic painted as metal and faux leather backs have been consigned lớn Room 101 và Samsung has finally put style and kiến thiết at the core of its điện thoại thông minh offering.

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is born of that new philosophy. That’s not to say it’s all about style. For the eye-watering price of £749/$768 contract-không tính phí we would hope not. Just like the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge the 5.7-inch phone is a solid all-rounder & needs to be considering its key competitor, the iPhone 6 Plus.

The Edge+ is also the big-screen phone European Samsung fans will have to lớn live with in lieu of the Galaxy chú ý 5 – Samsung has no plans to sell the chú ý 5 outside of Asia & the US at the moment.

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Galaxy S6 Edge+ Design – The best looking phone ever looks even better

154.4 x 75.8 x 6.9 milimet, 153g, Aluminium 7000 frame, Gorilla Glass 4

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ makes you feel like disappearing down an underground cavern while keeping a cthảm bại eye out for tricksy hobbitses. It is precious. It is achingly desirable. It is futuristic. Slap it down on any beer stained pub table và it will make every other phone look old school.

The main allure comes, of course, from the unique, curved dual-edge display. There’s nothing else lượt thích it, apart from its smaller sibling the S6 Edge. It’s streets ahead of the chú ý 5 và iPhone 6 Plus when it comes lớn sex appeal.

An aluminium alloy frame is sandwiched between the tough Gorilla Glass 4 screen & back. It’s an upgraded version of the metal on Samsung’s previous phones & should help it avoid the (in our experience unfounded) Bendgate furore caused when the latest iPhones were released.

One thing it hasn’t managed to resolve is quite how easily the rear glass attracts greasy fingerprints. It’s a problem the S6 & S6 Edge also suffers from & it’s not too bad on the Sapphire Black version we’re testing here. Opt for the new silver coloured Edge+, though, and be prepared to lớn regularly look lượt thích a cricketer getting ready lớn bowl.

Samsung has finessed the S6 Edge+ in some ways. The frame now has a fine tapered edge along the top và bottom và the curved screen seems khổng lồ fit a little closer around the corners than it does on the smaller S6 Edge.

Not only is the Galaxy S6 Edge+ a stunner, it’s also brilliantly crafted.

Looks aren’t the be-all và end-all of thiết kế – ease of use is also key. The Edge+ doesn’t excel here.

For a start it’s a big phone, và that comes with its own set of challenges. Using a phone with a 5.7-inch screen is tricky khổng lồ vì one-handed, particularly when trying khổng lồ reach the top corners. Your other h& will need to lớn get involved sooner or later.

It’s an issue compounded by the curved screen. Yes it’s great lớn look at but you will, sometimes, find yourself wishing you had a little more frame khổng lồ grasp. The bottom of your thumb can also interfere with the screen when stretching lớn tap an awkwardly positioned inhỏ.

The S6 Edge+ is not too uncomfortable, but neither does it feel as welcoming as the curvier iPhone or Note 5 – the latter conforms khổng lồ your palm making it super comfy.

Whether these issues turn you off the S6 Edge+ depends entirely on how much you value its aesthetics. Sometimes beauty demands sacrifice. The huge screen will also be worth a little one-handed juggling for many.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ – Screen

5.7-inch Super AMOLED display, 2,560 x 1440 resolution (Quad HD), Curved edges

Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen công nghệ is one of the best you can get on a phone or tablet and the super-sharp, Quad HD S6 Edge+ makes the iPhone 6 và 6 Plus pale in comparison, literally. Colours pop & blacks are deep – this is the best screen you can get for watching movies on the go.

If we’re being very picky we’d say the screen could have sầu better viewing angles. Whites get a blueish tint to lớn them when you’re not looking at the S6 Edge+ straight on.

Samsung suggests the curved screen adds to lớn your viewing experience, it doesn’t. The curves distort the picture slightly và reflect light, but since it’s just the top & bottom edge it’s not too noticeable. While the Note 5’s flat screen would be our first choice for watching videos on, the Edge+ comes a cthua thảm second.

Adding lớn the multitruyền thông credentials of the Edge+ is a decent (for a phone) speaker that’s both loud & clear at top volume. It lacks depth, but we’d happily watch a few episodes of our favourite series without headphones if we had khổng lồ.

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Plug a phối of cans into lớn the 3.5mm jachồng & things get even better. Samsung has added a dedicated clock khổng lồ the S6 Edge+ to lớn minimise sound distortion as well as upscaling. This aims to improve sầu the quality of compressed audio, like MP3s.

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It works too. A bit more fullness & timbre is added to proceedings, high-hats are sharper & everything is tightened up a little. Nothing seems to be lost & it has an overall pleasing aural effect. Once I had tried it out of few times I decided to lớn keep it on.