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Swampy still needs the water for his bath. And you will need khổng lồ fix the problem again in this puzzle and physics di động game called Where’s My Water? 2, brought khổng lồ you by Disney. The main objective sầu here is to lớn swipe the ground or dirt and make sure the water reaches the goal or finish line. The game features several game modes as well. Some of them may need you khổng lồ dig deep & try to lớn get all the rubber ducks along the way. This thiết bị di động game also features power ups; Vacuum, Dropper, và many more. This will help you get the water baông xã khổng lồ its path.

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Where is my Water? 2 is a fun filled puzzle based game & the sequel lớn the hit game Where is my Water, the xinh đẹp và hilarious Swampy the alligator and his friends are bachồng, it has two times the puzzle và two times the fun, và just like before, Where is my Water? 2 is still a physics based puzzle game where you need khổng lồ dig dirt và guide the water khổng lồ help Swampy & his friends, the game has 3 beautifully designed locations you need to explore, there is the Sewer, Soap factory and the Beach, totaling more than 100 fun challenging levels, there are 3 ducks khổng lồ collect in each of the levels by the way & you need lớn collect as many as you can to lớn be able to lớn unloông chồng the higher levels, besides guiding the water to the bathtub, you now also need to guide acid & steam, the acid is for Cranky’s levels and the Steam is for Allie’s levels, indeed, you’ll have sầu a variety of puzzles khổng lồ solve in the game, so come on & kiểm tra it out, see if you have the brains lớn help Swampy, Cranky và Allie solve sầu their problems here in Where is my Water? 2.

Graphics và Sound

Where is my Water? 2 has 2D graphics, the designs in the game are cartoon styled but really very pretty, the alligators look đáng yêu và have sầu very nice details, environments are also nice, all of the different locations feature underground designs with a lot of rocks và dirt lớn dig, the designs vary too, giving you nice challenges every time, colors are great, everything is looking vivid and sharp, the colors used provide a nice contrast against each other making the different parts of the game easy lớn distinguish, the animations in the game are also nice, water animations are fluid và the character movements are smooth overall, music và sounds are also nice, the in game music has a nice lively touch while the sound effects are quite abundant & varied and nice, special effects are also cool, quite simple really but pretty enough khổng lồ make the game look really nice, overall, the game looks really great, it has superb character & environmental designs and very nice presentations.

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Where is my Water? 2 as mentioned earlier is a puzzle based game involving water, acid & steam, with Swampy, you need khổng lồ guide the water khổng lồ get it khổng lồ his bathtub, with Cranky, you need lớn manipulate the acid & will Allie, you need to control the steam lớn power up her pipe organ, the goal may look quite simple but it is really challenging lớn vì chưng as there are a lot of things in the levels you need khổng lồ consider lượt thích switches and levers, nozzles, platforms that move sầu và even weeds that grow really fast, besides the regular levels, there are also challenge levels where you get khổng lồ play the same levels but with different rules, and so much more.

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Where is my Water? 2 features beautifully designed graphic presentations, there are 3 dễ thương characters in the game, 100 levels & a variety of game modes to lớn keep you occupied, it also features a hint button for you khổng lồ use whenever you get stuông chồng with a particular puzzle, & most of all, the features simple & easy to use controls to lớn make it more fun lớn play.


Where is my Water? 2 is quite fun and pretty much challenging, the puzzles presented in the game are easy to lớn moderate, this would be great for everyone khổng lồ play, kiểm tra it out, this is fun!